Last weeks post shared tips for healthy eating, everyone should be enjoying a healthy lifestyle, and this month is the time to start! March is National Nutrition Month, and we think this month is the perfect time to revamp your diet and start focusing on nutrition. With summer right around the corner and the cold winter stews and soups behind you, its time to really focus on nutrition without becoming overwhelmed! In addition to the great tips we shared last week, here are a few fun recipes and links to help you create your own path to a healthier lifestyle.

national nutrition month


Ways to Get Started

Real Food Challenges

We absolutely love the 10-day mini-pledges organized by 100 Days of Real Food as a way to help you make small changes over the course of 10 days. You can slowly remove processed food from your diet by focusing on one of 14 different pledges for a much healthier diet at home!

Green Smoothie Challenges

If youre worried about your vegetable intake, green smoothie challenges are perfect for you! Simple Green Smoothies hosts numerous green smoothie and juice detox challenges throughout the year, complete with recipes and shopping lists to make your involvement a breeze! This is also great for kids or spouses who have trouble finishing their broccoli and spinach, and the beginner smoothies provide friendly recipes for even the staunchest vegetable hater!

Get Fresh Meal Delivery

Whether youre here for the meal delivery or the tips, we just want to remind you that you can make a huge dent in those negative eating habits with a few weekly meals from Get Fresh! We offer an array of meals to suit any diet, including vegan, vegetarian, and gluten-free options. Two sizes are offered: Regular (~1.5 servings), and Family Size (~3 servings), both of which can be paired with a soup or salad to stretch the meal even further.

Easy Recipes

And for those of you who still spend some time cooking and eating at home, here are a few great recipes to help you get started!

Chickpea Curry Wraps by Food Babe

These easy mediterranean-inspired wraps are a great way to get your daily lunch ready for packing! Make a quick batch on Sunday afternoon and enjoy these simple healthy wraps all week long.

Rainbow Chicken Salad by Pinch of Yum

A beautiful rainbow of fruits and vegetables topped with almond honey mustard dressing is the perfect way to get even the grumpiest eater to enjoy a bowl of nutrient-dense goodness. You can easily whip this salad together in less than 30 minutes, and the leftovers are great for lunch the next day.

Hawaiian Lentil Sloppy Joes by Frugal Nutrition

Looking for a heartier dish thats still on the healthy side? One of our GetFresh cooks offers up this concoction of traditional tomato-based sloppy joes with soy sauce, pineapple, and lentils in place of meat. You can eat this as a chili, with small corn tortillas, or on whole-wheat buns. We expect this meal to make an appearance on the GetFresh menu very soon!

Cauliflower and Chicken Sausage Casserole by Fiona

The Kitchn provides meals all along the healthy-decadent indulgence spectrum, and we are big fans of this lightened up casserole. This cauliflower and sausage casserole doesnt call for any cream-of-something soups, and really lifts the casserole up from its everything-but-the-kitchen-sink beginnings. A simple combination, this dish can be easily modified to suit your taste buds, and feel free to add or swap vegetables to your liking. We also recommend swapping the breadcrumbs for sliced almonds for a healthier crunch.

Pistachio Lime Baked Salmon by Reluctant Entertainer

If you want something just a tad fancier, either for your family or for dinner guests, this baked salmon recipe is a winner. Easy ingredients with 5-minute prep, the ingredients meld perfectly for a light and flavorful fish meal that takes no time at all! Pair with roasted asparagus or a side salad and serve your dish with pride.

Banana Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Cookies by Two Peas and Their Pod

Yeah, you read that right. Weve even got a dessert idea for you! This recipes is totally and completely vegan, gluten-free, and super simple! You can substitute the agave for a healthier sweetener like honey if youre not vegan, but everything else should remain the same! Make sure youve got super ripe bananas ready, or follow this method to quickly ripen yellow bananas in the oven.

To learn more about National Nutrition Month, check out the following links!

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