Upcoming and past menus

Want to get an idea of what we are cooking up over the next few weeks?  Take a peek at some of our menus!

We plan for 6 weeks at a time so you will not get the same meal twice in a 6 week period.  We rotate the menu twice and then switch to a new 6 week rotation.  You will always receive variety of yummy meals and we are constantly switching up side dishes, incorporating in-season vegetables and bringing back Freshie Faves throughout the year!

Everything on the menu is available vegan, vegetarian, with meat or gluten free!

Note about nutritional info:

There is a slight delay on posting the nutritional information for the first rotation of a menu.  We double check all of the numbers one last time post production and then work to get the information posted the week that it is delivered.  The information will be available ahead of time for the 2nd rotation.

*Information in the nutritional facts is for the entire container (not per serving)

We are currently making new menus for you! Please stay tuned for future menus!