We are so happy you are thinking about ordering with us! If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at Click here to order today!


Select the week that you would like to have food delivered, typically between 2-4 weeks will be listed on the site and you may order ahead of time.

Once you select the delivery week, the meals we are preparing will be listed and you may choose the meals you would like to order or order a week worth of meals for a discounted price. The minimum purchase for weekly delivery is 3 meals.

Orders must be placed by Thursday at 8pm to be delivered the following Monday.

The Meals:

At this time we offer 6 meals and 1 soup per week. The portions are generous and approximately 1 1/2 servings. If the meals are paired with the soup or a light salad you may enjoy more than one meal out of each. We ensure that the weekly soup pairs well with one or more of the meals on each menu.

The food is extremely fresh and will last up to 7 days although we recommend freezing after about 4-5 days to preserve freshness. If any dishes should not be frozen and therefore consumed first we will notate on the label.

Pricing (minimum of 3 meals for delivery):

Individual Meals

  • Vegan $13
  • Vegetarian $14
  • Meat $16

Entire Week Individual (6 meals + 1 quart of soup)

  • Vegan $83.60
  • Vegetarian $86.45
  • Meat $100.70


Deliveries are made each Monday and can be delivered to your home or office. We will confirm the delivery time with you by phone or email on the Friday prior to delivery.

Your order will arrive in a soft sided cooler with reusable ice packs. The coolers will keep food cold for 3-4 hours, but are not meant to be used for extended periods of time. If you will not be home around the scheduled delivery time we are happy to deliver to an alternative address. Or, if you have a beach cooler, leave it outside and we will pack the meals with ice. Most beach coolers will keep the food cold for 8+ hours.

Please return our coolers and reusable ice packs to us within 2 weeks.

If we are delivering to your home you can return it to us at the time of delivery or if you choose to hold on to the cooler and ice, you may return it with your next delivery.

If you do not have another shipment scheduled, we will contact you within 2 weeks to arrange for pick up, coordinate return via mail or arrange for payment should you choose to keep the cooler.

We love the coolers, if you do too and want to keep one they are only $10 each and the reusable ice is $2. They are perfect for the beach, bbqs and grocery shopping!

At this time we are only delivering in the San Diego area. If you live in San Diego county and would like to order but are out of the delivery area, please contact us.

Fresh ingredients are subject to change without notice due to availability. We make every effort to use organic and local ingredients and will opt to use them whenever possible.

We are a small business and are striving to improve, please contact us with any suggestions or questions.

We have Auto Delivery special packages and Family Sized order discounts! See Ordering page for specifics.