The annual day of Hallmark love is upon us, and it is easy to get caught up in the madness of flowers and chocolates. This year Valentine’s Day is on a Saturday! Instead of fighting the hoards of amateur diners, consider treating yourself to a romantic night at home. Get a sitter, or consider including the kids in a fun Valentine’s Day breakfast or lunch!

While we’re not opposed to double-fisting chocolate strawberries and champagne, you don’t want a romantic evening to leave you feeling bloated and sick! Instead of succumbing to the endless mounds of sweets and treats, here are a few fun & delicious Valentine’s Day recipes for you and the one you love.


Yes, breakfast can be a Valentine’s Day treat because this year it is on a Saturday! You can always go for fancy brunch favorites like homemade Eggs Florentine, but if you’re planning something special for later, keep it simple with one of these recipes!


Valentine’s Day Eggs in a Basket (

Simple and delicious! You can swap out the fried egg for a spinach, tomato, and feta scrambled egg to up your vegetable game!

Heart-Shaped Whole-Wheat Banana Pancakes (

Use a pancake mold to make these into hearts! Just add fresh strawberries, or homemade raspberry sauce for a little strawberry-banana love.

Berry-Pomegranate Smoothie (

Add a little smoothie love to one of the above meals, or keep breakfast light and simple with a berry-pomegranate smoothie breakfast.



On to the main event! These meals aren’t always ideal for weeknights, so whip out his & hers aprons, get a little music going, and whip up something fancy!

Whole Wheat Ricotta Gnocchi (

Serve these pillows of delicious with a brown-butter sage sauce, homemade kale pesto, or a simple sauté of veggies, cherry tomatoes, garlic, and some good olive oil.

And a delicious gnocchi option for the vegans: Whole Wheat Gnocchi with Vegan Cream Sauce (

Seared Salmon and Dill Pesto

If you like fish, topping it with homemade dill pesto is a really delicious idea. Dill is in season right now, and it pairs perfectly with salmon. You can also use tilapia, halibut, or whatever else you can find at the store. Simply sear the fish on both sides and top it with the dill pesto! Roast some potatoes and asparagus and it’s a restaurant-worthy meal. (Then be sure to make Tzatziki with any leftover dill!)

Prosciutto Wrapped Scallops (

I’m pretty sure this title says it all. Salty prosciutto wrapped around large fresh scallops is decadence at its finest. Serve it with a little polenta and a fresh green salad and you’ll be a happy camper!

Crispy Chicken Milanese (

Why not really treat yourself with a little fried chicken? No, not that fried chicken. We’re talking lightly fried in avocado oil and served with a big ol’ bed of delicious arugula. Yep, that’s chicken Milanese, Paleo-style.


Grapefruit Mojitos for Two (

Fresh grapefruit, rum, and mint.

Cranberry Mimosas & Peach Bellinis (

Simple champagne cocktails with your favorite add-ins.

French Kiss Cocktail (

Champagne, raspberries, and mint!



We wouldn’t let you leave without dessert! We’ll just let the names do all the talking here.

Paleo Dark Chocolate Mousse (

Homemade Chocolate Covered Strawberries (

Chocolate Almond Date Bites (

Almond Butter Blondies (

Chocolate Almond Butter Cups (

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